EL Services / Title III Consortium

EL Services / Title III Consortium


Let’s Talk! Getting the Help YOU Need for English Learner Education

Do you have questions that need answered right away?  Maybe you need to know how to support teachers with EL students, select curricula for EL students or want to investigate why an EL student is not making progress.  Whatever you want to know or need support doing, this is a flexible option that provides the opportunity for anything from a one-hour conversation to a multi-day presence in your building supporting teachers or administration.  Make it what you want!  To start the conversation, contact Becca Head (becca.head@mercountyesc.org).

Professional Development Workshops/PLCs

An EL Student Enrolled: What do I do now?

(3 hours)

Maybe your first EL student recently enrolled and you’re not sure where to begin, or maybe you already have English Learners enrolled but want to ensure you are meeting compliance requirements.  No matter your EL population, this 3-hour session will include the fundamentals of identification, creating an EL Plan, meeting with parents, and the timeline for compliance.  Your administrative team will be able to ask questions specific to your school and EL student(s) will be equipped with program recommendations and next steps.

Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Practical Tools for Teachers (2 hrs x 6 sessions)

Based on the practical and popular book Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Making Content Accessible (Fenner & Snyder), this book study is all about learning by doing.  Your team will use the “toolbox of strategies, examples, templates, and activities” to develop your understanding of how to support your English Learners in progressing toward mastery of content standards and English language proficiency. 


This PLC hands-on book study 2-hour sessions can be scheduled weekly for 6 weeks or monthly for 6 months.  Each participant will need the book.

Make & Take for Grade Level/Department

 (2 hours)

Teachers with EL students need immediate, practical ways to increase participation and academic progress of EL students in their classroom.  Schools may select one or both 2-hour sessions:

Session A - Participants develop an academic vocabulary instruction routine for their EL students.

Session B -  Participants work with written/oral sentence frames and develop a plan (with tools) for meaningful whole/small group work for their EL students.

RTI Strategies for English Learners

(3 hours)

What should academic progress for English Learners look like?  How should schools proceed when an EL student is not progressing?  Addressing the complex issue of concerns surrounding EL academic and language proficiency growth, this session will include what to consider prior to referral as well as meaningful and appropriate interventions to use with your EL students.

Customized Professional Development

Don’t see what you want here?  Contact Becca (becca.head@mercercountyesc.org) to customize a Professional Development opportunity that will support your team to better serve your EL students and their families.

Instructional Coaching for Teaching English Learners (SIOP)


Classroom teachers are expected to meet the needs of English Learners but have often had little to no training on how to make that happen.  Teachers who receive instructional coaching go broad and deep into the sheltered instruction model SIOP, a research-based model that provides teachers strategies and tools to provide accessible instruction aligned with grade-level standards. 

Instructional Coaching

1 teacher

Have a small EL population? Not sure if Instructional Coaching is what you need?  No problem! 


Your district can “try on” SIOP instructional coaching.  Select 1 teacher to receive intensive SIOP instructional coaching for 8 months which includes 3 observation-reflection cycles per month as well as ongoing availability for teacher support. 

Instructional Coaching Program

2-5 teachers

Whether selecting a team of teachers by content area, grade, or leadership ability, this instructional coaching program provides an introductory 1.5 day workshop, monthly 2-hour focused training sessions, and 3 observation-reflection cycles per month.  Ongoing available support for teachers throughout the program.


Make & Take for Grade Level/Department sessions (2 hours/session) can be added so you can have a broader and immediately impactful reach for teachers not currently participating in the SIOP instructional coaching program. 



Instructional Coaching Program

6-8 teachers

This Master Cohort of teachers spends 8 months working on their lessons in their classrooms (job embedded) with the instructional coach through ongoing (3 x/month) observations and lesson modeling co-teaching followed by debrief and planning.  This SIOP coaching model is designed to help your school/district build capacity among teaching staff with teachers taking a leadership role with new participants in subsequent years.


In addition, this program includes an introductory participant workshop (1.5 days), monthly workshops to introduce the next SIOP component, an introductory principal session (2 hours), and an end of year administration meeting (1 hour).  


Make & Take for Grade Level/Department sessions (2 hours/session) is included so you can have a broader and immediately impactful reach for teachers not currently participating in the SIOP instructional coaching program. 

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