Rules and Procedures

  • There will  be 3 Challenges this year
    • Feel free to complete challenges in the timeframe that best fits your curriculum.
    • All Challenge information are found at MercerCountyESC.org.  
    • New Feature is a Share and Discuss discussion board on each Challenge page.
      •  Please take time to post comments, videos and/or photos as you complete the Challenges!
    • The challenges are written as a starting point - we encourage you to make them your own.  You may raise the complexity, add extensions, adjust the recommended materials, etc.
    • The goal is for you to challenge your students, have fun and share the learning! 
  • Each school will decide how to choose “winners”.  You can choose grade level winners or school or district-wide winners for each Challenge. 
  • Please save the winning design(s) for display and judging at the Live STEM Challenge and Showcase Event to be held in March, 2020. 




 Design Your Own Snazzy Sneakers!







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