Our Mission

To be a leader in high quality cooperative services that positively impact the diverse educational needs of students, staff and communities in Mercer County and beyond.

 We believe everyone is
  • valued
  • can learn and grow
  • will become successful and independent

    Mercer County Educational Service Center employs specialized staff with the goal of providing excellence to all districts. The governing board and leadership team set the highest professional standards for all employees. We seek and retain staff who believe and live service to others and who strive to learn and grow as professionals each day. We provide our partners with experience, leadership and expertise. 

What is an ESC?

Educational Service Centers (ESCs) were established in 1914 through an act of the Ohio General Assembly. The law created 88 County Boards of Education and charged them with the task of regulatory authority over school district budgets, personnel and curriculum.  

The role of the county offices of education evolved and expanded over the next several decades. In the 1930’s, they began assisting districts with fiscal and purchasing services; later in the 1960’s, their responsibilities expanded again as they began operating special education programs and increased professional development and technical assistance for schools.
By 1995, County Boards were renamed “Educational Service Centers” – a statutory name change intended to reflect the evolving nature of ESC programs and services. The law also encouraged county offices to merge into regional agencies.

What is an ESCs Relationship to Ohio School Districts?

• ESCs are large-scale service providers offering administrative, academic, fiscal and operational support services to Ohio’s school districts.
• Educational Service Centers (ESCs) are local political subdivisions.
• Every district with enrollment of 16,000 students (ADM) or fewer is required to be aligned to an ESC. Districts are able to realign to a different ESC (anywhere in the state) every 2 years, consistent with the state budget process, if they are not satisfied with the services they are receiving.
• Districts may purchase services from any ESC at any time – even ESCs to which they are not aligned.
• ESCs are governed by publicly-elected boards of education. Keeping with the tradition of maintaining local control of public schools, ESCs operate under the oversight of a locally-elected Governing Board. The day-to-day operations of ESCs are conducted through ESC superintendents, treasurers, and other administrators.

 Complimentary Services to Member Districts

Shared Services with Members 

  • Board Member Assistance and Professional Development
  • CPI Training
  • Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) Assistance
  • Coordination of Shared Services 
  • Collaborative Purchasing
  • Gifted Intervention Specialist Network
  • Leadership Meetings (Principal and Superintendent) 
  • Licensure Assistance 
  • Parent Mentor 
  • PBIS Training and Youth Mental Health First Aid 
  • Resource Assessment Team
  • School Data Review 
  • School Psychologist Network 
  • Speech Pathologist Network 
  • Special Education Directors Network 
  • Superintendent/Treasurer/Executive Searches 
  • Van Driver Certification 
  • Annual County Professional Learning Conference
  • Business Advisory Council & Career Navigator Services 
  • Community Learning Center 
  • Curriculum and Professional Development
    • Resident Educator Programming and Support - Years 1-4
    • Technology Integration and Google Supports 
    • Instructional Coaching
  • Gifted Coordination  
  • Grant Writing 
  • Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) 
  • Preschool Special Education 
  • Rose Academy Alternative Education 
  • School Psychology 
  • Speech Services
  • Special Education Classrooms 
  • Tri Star Career Pathways
  • Special Education Supervision 

The Mercer County ESC 
is proud to be recognized 
by the State of Ohio as a
 "High Performing ESC".

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