BCI/FBI Fingerprinting

The Mercer County ESC is an authorized National Webcheck location. We offer fingerprint services available through the Biometric Information Management System provided by The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII).  Fingerprints for BCI only (State of Ohio), FBI only (Federal Bureau of Investigation), or a combination of BCI/FBI may be done on this system.

You will need to know and bring the following for your appointment:

  • Completed BCI/FBI Registration form
    • Click HERE to print off a copy of the registration form
    • Click HERE to view  BCI Codes
    • Click HERE to view  FBI Codes
  • You need to know what background check you are required to have completed
    • BCI 
    • FBI
    • Both BCI/FBI 
  • Driver's License or State ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Address to which the background results are to be sent 
    •  the employer and/or Licensure Office
  • You will also need to know if there is a direct mail option associated with the type of employment or licensure you are obtaining 
    • Ex: Ohio Department of Education, Nursing Board, Ohio BMV, etc.


7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Call: (419) 586-6628
to schedule an appointment



We accept cash only.

Important information

Teachers or other school employees that need fingerprints for licensure renewal MUST inform staff before prints are taken. Once the staff member is informed, a box will be checked on the system to have the results sent electronically to the Ohio Department of Education licensure department. ODE will only accept results sent in electronic format. 

Results from fingerprinting will be mailed according to the form that is completed at the time of the appointment.

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