Mission & Purpose

We support school districts with a team of professionals to:

  • identify and support students with needs, such as:

    • autism spectrum disorder

    • executive functioning difficulties

    • sensory processing/behavior

    • social-emotional needs, etc.

Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals in the fields of: occupational therapy, school psychology, speech-language pathology and special education. We are available to support districts with:

  • specialized assessments (ex- Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2)

  • observations

  • collaboration with team members:

    • in developing strategies

    • identifying the student’s strengths and challenges to build tools and supports 

    • supporting staff with modeling of strategies 

  • staff and family education


Rachel Glass
Director of Services

Additional Team Members
Stacy Faller
Speech - Language Pathologist

Amy Bihn
Intervention Specialist

Mindy Muhlenkamp
Occupational Therapist

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