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Empower students enrolled in Mercer County ESC service school districts to recognize and understand employment and education opportunities by developing meaningful, individualized connections between students, high school staff and local employers. 


In developing and facilitating programs to encourage the appropriate exploration and skills at the high school level, we aim to expand the workforce skill-set to meet the needs of area businesses.

The Career Navigator program, new for the 2021-22 school year, strives to support students and their school districts with career connection efforts. Initially, this program will provide the following:

  1. Individualized Student Engagement and Exploration

The Career Navigator will provide individual, one-on-one Career Coaching for students identified by their school staff as needing additional guidance in this area. Coaching will include one-on-one meetings, job shadowing with local companies, and assistance with employability skills.

  1. District-wide Engagement and Exploration

Classroom presentations and professional development opportunities for Career Teachers and School Counselors will be provided. In addition, the Career Navigator will serve as the primary contact for sharing information about events, resources and activities to students, parents, schools and community organizations.

  1. Business and Community Engagement

Working with community partners, businesses and industries, the Career Navigator will help connect local career opportunities to the students and schools by coordinating job shadowing, business tours and other activities.

About Our Career Navigator Service

“Where are you going after high school?” is a common question asked to all students beginning as early as middle school and into high school. The pressure to know “what you want to be when you grow up” may, at times, push students to make choices based more on outside influences than finding their own best fit. As careers evolve, students are seeing more and more that traditional pathways, such as “go to college” or “go to work” do not have to be the one-size-fits-all answer. Businesses and organizations, eager to employ as well as educate, have an abundance of local opportunities available for students.

So, how do students find their true focus?

When students become frustrated with college or life after high school, these students may be on the wrong path. Not the wrong path for everyone, just not their own right path. With this new program, the ESC aims to help students navigate the clutter of career exploration by supporting the discovery of who a student is, to help lead them to get to who they want to be.


Sandi Holdheide

Career Navigator

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