Career Pathways

Our Mission:
To provide opportunities for young adults to work together to learn the necessary skills, information, and links to get and keep a job. 

Our Purpose:
Career Pathways recognizes the importance of meeting the preferences, interests, needs and strengths of each student.

What is Career Pathways? 
It is a new individualized vocational program that is designed to develop entry-level skills for employment through student-centered individualized opportunities. 

Areas of instruction include:  
  • workplace skills (building resumes, interviewing, networking, safety)
  • soft skills (communication, problem-solving, work attitudes)
  • self-advocacy training
  • financial knowledge related to work (budgeting, money management)
  • daily living skills related to work
  • social skills
  • volunteering, job tours
  • referral and linkage with OOD (Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities) 

Eligibility & Enrollment

  1. Eligibility is based on the Career Pathways Rubric (completed by teachers, staff and parents who have working knowledge of the student)
  2. Interview, academic, and application review with admissions team (student, parent, school district representative(s), ESC representative, Tri-Star representative)  
  3. Enrollment will be capped in order to meet the needs of all students


Amy Bihn
Special Education Coordinator

Wendee Bertke
Career Pathways Teacher

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