Community Learning Center

"Providing comprehensive mental health services to students in Mercer County"
The mission of the Community Learning Center is to create a learning environment that is student-centered and which focuses on whole child development.

Education is the tool to reach students and promote healing.

Belief Statements:
1. The students that come to us have experienced trauma that is unique to the student, so all interactions must be unique to that student.
2. Coercion, oppression, and control by staff or students will be looked upon as a weakness to be overcome.
3. Student Network: The learning center will work to create the team needed for students healing. Relationships are a process, not an event.
4. Student Time: The learning center will respect the time needed for student’s healing.
5. Student Education: The learning center will not put education ahead of student learning. Education is a tool to promote healing.
6. Student Responsibility: The goal of the learning center is to see the students become responsible and capable for their own education/healing and having the tools necessary for a successful life.


Chad Sapp
Program Coordinator

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