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Mercer County Family & Children First Council

Family & Children First (FCFC) believes that effective coordination of services includes delivery of high quality services; reducing and eliminating duplicative efforts among agencies and barriers to collaboration; integration of community and family supports; and a full utilization of funding resources.
The work of Family & Children First Council (FCFC) is results oriented. We employ ongoing evaluation of outcomes to ensure effectiveness.

We Provide Assistance for Families

Family & Children First Council coordinates people & processes to increase the access, capacity, and effectiveness of services for the most vulnerable of Mercer County‚Äôs youth, those whose needs extend beyond any single youth-serving program.
  • Engaging & Empowering Families
  • Building Community Capacity
  • Coordinating Systems & Services
  • Developing Shared Accountability
Any Mercer County family with a child or youth (age birth through 21 years) in need of a coordinated inter-disciplinary plan to address their unique needs is eligible for service coordination through FCFC. Referrals typically come through provider agencies, but any family has the right to self-refer for service coordination.

Contact Information

Beth Guggenbiller
FCFC Coordinator

Office Hours:
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419-586-6628 Ext 250

[email protected]

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