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Local Professional Development Committee

The Mercer County Local Professional Development Committee (MCLPDC) reviews coursework and professional development activities proposed and completed by educators in Mercer County to determine if state licensure requirements have been met. It is the responsibility of the MCLPDC to review and approve Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs), coursework and other professional development activities for professional license renewal.
The MCLPDC is a service provided by the Mercer County Educational Service Center, and represents educators from the following schools in Mercer County, Ohio:  Celina City, Coldwater Exempted Village, Fort Recovery Local, Marion Local, Mercer County ESC, Mercer County Head Start, Parkway Local, and St. Henry Consolidated Local.
Know your responsibilities as an Ohio educator:
1) Know when your license is due for renewal.
2) Submit an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) immediately when you receive your new 5 Year Professional License. You will need to write a new plan for every license cycle.
3) Upon approval of your IPDP, complete your planned learning activities. Maintain all documentation (transcripts, certificates of contact hours, forms, etc.) of your completed learning activities. 

  • Remember- 18 CEUs are required for license renewal:
  • 1 clock hour = .1 CEU
  • 1 quarter hour = 2 CEUs
  • 1 semester hour = 3 CEUs

4) Follow steps for renewal (Educator Renewal Instructions)
 New to Mercer County with CEU activities from your previous position? Have the following form completed by your previous LPDC and submit to the Mercer County LPDC: 
Approval Verification Form for Educators Leaving an Ohio LPDC

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