Parent Mentor VISION & MISSION

Ohio Parent Mentors are parents of children with disabilities who provide free peer-to-peer support to families of children with disabilities.  Parent mentors work with school officials and guide families to increase the educational success of students who receive special education services.

To provide support and resources to families of children with disabilities and the professionals that serve them.

  • To help parents of children with disabilities effectively navigate the educational system
  • To provide support to families and convey the family perspective to the school district
  • To provide support and work in conjunction with various professionals and school officials to meet the needs of students

Lending Library

What is the Lending Library?
The Lending Library is a collection of toys, educational books, videos, sensory tools, adaptive technology, and fine/gross motor tools.  The lending library's purpose is to allow parents to try different tools with their children without the commitment of purchasing the item.

How do I check things out of the Lending Library?
1.  Contact Nancy Davis by phone (419) 586-6628 or by      e-mail:  [email protected]
 2.  Nancy will pull the items for you to pick up at:
              Mercer County Educational Service Center                             540 East Market Street                                                                 Celina, OH

  *Items can be checked out for one month*
*You may be required to show your driver's license for more expensive items*

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