To support Ohio Educators’ work to create learning environments that ensure the success of every student, the Ohio Department of Education has partnered with Ohio’s regional Educational Service Centers (ESCs) and KnowledgeWorks to create the Ohio Personalized Learning Network.

Mercer County Educational Service Center has one of the 10 grant funded Personalized Learning Specialists across the state of Ohio to provide free support to Ohio Educators in their work to implement personalized learning.

About Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is a learner-driven approach to teaching and learning that supports learners in achieving their goals in the ways that work best for them. In order to ensure that each learner graduates ready for what’s next, it calls on educators to:
  • Really know and empower their learners
  • Facilitate and co-design learning experiences with their learners
  • Align supports to meet individual learners’ distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds
  • Provide ways for learners to demonstrate what they know and know how to do

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Missy McClurg

Personalized Learning Specialist 

Northwest Ohio Region
Google Innovator and Champion for Education 

[email protected]

Twitter:  @mcclurgmissy

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More Information

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