ROSE Academy

The Rose Academy is named in honor of our former director, Aaron Rose.
Aaron was very humble about the work he did. He focused on meeting all the needs of students. He built a program that was so much more than just obtaining a high school diploma.

The Rose Academy is a high school program serving students who struggle in a traditional classroom/school. Students may be facing disciplinary issues, at-risk behaviors, and real-world obstacles. These difficulties can lead to suspension, expulsion, credit deficiencies, or dropping out of school altogether.  Through small learning groups and individualized instruction and intervention, students are given the opportunity to thrive and achieve academic and social success.  This program consists of half-day sessions for academics, with the ability to pair with Tri-Star or employment opportunities.

Students are given a mixture of direct instruction, group learning and activities, and individual study. Students can work at his/ her own pace and earn credits.

  • credit recovery
  • need increased access to teacher support
  • need transition supports and work skills
  • students who struggle in traditional classroom/ school setting
  • students who struggle with school rules and expectations  
  • infrequent behavioral or anxiety needs which do not impact the learning of others


 Chad Sapp
 Program Coordinator
Stephen Laux

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