We help to evaluate, identify and support a child's strengths and challenges in learning and in life


We believe all children can learn, grow and become successful and independent adults. We work individually with students, as well as collaboratively with the educational team and family, to identify individual strengths to build upon, and challenges to overcome in learning, behavior and mental wellness. 

Our School Psychologists support the Whole Child as an important member of the team in the educational setting. School Psychologists receive extensive training in the fields of psychology and education. They are in a unique position to provide meaningful interpretation of data and student performance to support academic, functional, and mental wellness for all students. School Psychologists are trained to:

  • Provide comprehensive evaluation services for students with suspected disabilities, from preschool to 22 years of age.

  • Work collaboratively with the educational team to provide support in problem identification and intervention planning for students with disabilities and at-risk students. 

  • Support individuals or groups of students with academic, behavioral and/or social-emotional challenges.

  • Consult with educators and community service providers in supporting student and family needs.

  • Support administration and staff with legal updates and research.

A School Psychologist serves as an advocate for the student, and liaison between families and school districts.


Rachel Glass
Director Of Services 
[email protected]


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