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 "Childhood is a gallery of firsts...first experiences, first friendships, first challenges, first hopes, 
first dreams, first surprises, and first success."

Early Identification Child Find

If you have concerns for your 3, 4, or 5 year-old child about their speech or any potential developmental delay, we're here to help!  The next Child Find will be held at the Mercer County Educational Service Center on October 28, 2022.  This screening is not a requirement in order to enroll in preschool but can be used to help identify any potential learning needs.  The free screening will cover:
Fine Motor/Gross Motor

Please call our office at 419-586-6628 to schedule an appointment for the next Child Find.  Please bring the child's birth certificate and shot record with you to your Child Find appointment.

Upcoming Child Find Dates
October 28, 2022
November 18, 2022
January 13, 2023
February 10, 2023
March 10, 2023
April 14, 2023
May 26, 2023
Program Options
  • Preschool Itinerant Services:  These services are provided by preschool special education teachers in two different methods of service; 1.) Services delivered in the home environment. 2.) Services delivered to a child attending a public or private preschool.
  • Center-based Services:  These services are classroom programs that provide group educational experiences to children led by preschool special education teachers.
  • Related Services:  These services are available to children who qualify in one or more of the following areas; communication, hearing, vision, social-emotional/behavioral functioning, motor functioning, adaptive behavior, cognitive ability.

Mercer County Educational Service Center Quality Programming
  • Encourages curiosity, initiative, persistence, and self-confidence - all attitudes which lead to life-long learning.
  • Helps children develop thinking and problem-solving skills.  Expands the knowledge of self, others, and the physical and social world.
  • Enhances the development of the whole child, including their learning, communication, physical, and social skills.
  • Enables children to see adults as respectful, nurturing, supportive, responsible, and helping resources.


Valerie Scott
Preschool Supervisor

Parenting Tip

Realistic Expectations

  • Children learn more when they practice things that they know how to do.  Watch children at play and during daily routines.  

  • Pay attention to what they can do without help.

  • Note how they spend their time.  

  • If you ask a child to do something and he does not respond right away, wait! 

  •  It takes some children a little longer to figure out what is expected of them. 

  • Children can become confused when they do not have enough time to figure things out.  

  • Frustration, resistance, and lack of interest are clues that too much is being asked of them.

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