Special Education

Multiple Disabilities Classrooms

The Mercer County Educational Service Center’s Multiple Disability Classrooms serve children with various educational needs from all of the districts in the county.  Our goal is to provide an education and opportunities that allows each child to reach their greatest potential. The focus turns from the disabilities to discover the abilities in each child. Students are provided instruction in the classroom but also given opportunities to be with typical peers and in the
community. The focus for learning includes; academics, social, behavioral, fine motor, gross motor, and
daily living activities.

Primary Classroom:
The Primary classroom is located in Coldwater Elementary School. The focus for learning is on social
skills, learning to follow a schedule, and functional academics. Students are included into the regular
education classroom to interact with their typical peers. Students also participate in the Annual Fishing
Derby at Grand Lake St. Marys and grade-level field trips.
Intermediate Classroom:
The Intermediate Classroom is located in Coldwater Middle School. The focus for learning is on
functional academics and building social skills with our peers in and out of the classroom. Students will
go on errands around the community and also participate in the Annual Fishing Derby and the MD Chili

High School Classrooms:
There are two high school classrooms; one in Coldwater, and one in Fort Recovery.
The curriculum focuses on functional academics, vocational skills, daily living skills, and building
independence. Students are beginning to participate in unpaid volunteer jobs in the school and in the
community. Students also participate in the Annual Fishing Derby, the Peace Chords Bell Choir, MD Chili
Cook-off, Annual MD Prom, and other community outings such as bowling, going out to eat, shopping,
or to the movies. Teachers provide information to families about options as to what opportunities are
available after graduation.

Transition Classroom:
The Transition classroom is located at Coldwater Schools. This program typically serves students who
are aged 18-22. The focus for learning is how to function in the community as independent as possible.
The language changes from calling the individual a student to a young adult or a team member. Team
members are also working on daily living skills, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry activities. Young
Adults in the Transition Center participate in the Annual Fishing Derby, the Peace Chords Bell Choir, MD
Chili Cook-off , Annual MD Prom, and other community outings including shopping and going out to eat.
Young adults also participate in unpaid community volunteer jobs to build work skills. Teachers
work closely with parents and other agencies to help prepare for life after school-aged services or for
community employment.

“One of best parts of my job is when a business in the community sees their abilities and values
them as part of their business.” ~Paraprofessional in the Transition classroom

For more information, contact:
Amy Bihn
MD Coordinator



 2019-20 Meeting Dates

 S.A.L.T. Brochure


(S.A.L.T.)  School to Adult Life Transition Series is a FREE monthly series developed to provide valuable information, along with resources and guidance, to families of students (ages14 & up) with developmental disabilities to help navigate the transition from school to adult life.

SALT-TEENS -  Students are also encouraged to attend their own series, which takes place at the same time as the parents’ series. Students will participate in activities that will help them prepare for the transition from school to adult life as well as enjoy social time with peers.


Special Education Teaching Staff

Coldwater Staff
Elementary MD
Teacher: Mary Guggenbiller

Middle School MD
Teacher: Mary Eichler

High School MD
Teacher: Chris Barlage

Fort Recovery Staff
Elementary MD
Teacher: Lauryn Timmerman

High School MD
Teacher: Carly Roth

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