Mission & Vision

To help staff and families in supporting student social-emotional development and wellness to be successful in learning and in life.

Our Success Skills Coaches teach and model developmentally appropriate social-emotional, behavioral, and academic skills based on student needs in and/or out of the classroom. We strive to educate others on how social-emotional development impacts the whole child. 

Our Success Skill Coaches support staff and families by providing the tools, strategies, and education to help ensure a student is ready to learn and be successful in life. This can range from support for general classroom strategies (modeling of specific strategy) to more student/child-focused interventions that can be implemented across various settings (home, daycare, school).

Success Skills Coaches

Abby Otting    
Lead Sucess Skills Coach    


Megan Gross    
Success Skills Coach
St. Henry & Marion Local

Ashley Place    
Success Skills Coach    
Fort Recovery

Michelle Rogers

Success Skills Coach
ESC Preschool 

[email protected]


Rachel Glass

Director of Services

[email protected]

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